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QA stands for Quality Assurance. Its all about delivering software that works every time, all the time! We look at different aspects of a product’s quality including but not limited to,
This is a page that is for all things QA related. I’ve relied on a lot of resources on the internet for bringing myself up to speed on topics like performance testing, automation testing, testing process, test metrics etc etc and I always hoped I could find all or most of that information in one place. This site is going to serve as that single source of information for me and hopefully for everyone out there that is looking for QA related information.

Some of our articles,

The Goals of Test Automation

The Goals of Test Automation

Handling Difficult Conversations

The Crucial Conversations framework for handling difficult conversations

Positive Deviance for Leaders

What is Positive Deviance?

Getting started with Ansible and Windows

What is the problem we’re trying to solve?

I have around 10 different supported Windows versions. I’ll need to run some tests against each of them. I looked into Ansible for setting up the boxes instead of setting up each box by hand. This blog documents what I learn as I go through this process. Let me know what you think!

Automating Windows VM creation

What’s the use case?

I need to run some tests against about 10 or so supported windows versions. I can either have these machines built (manually) once via VMWare or something like that and then take snapshots, do my tests and revert to the snapshots. Or I can create automation around spinning up these VM’s and not worry about manually setting up these VM’s ever. The latter approach is the subject of this post. I hope you find it useful.